Safer & Faster School Lockdowns

During a school lockdown every second counts. Teachers no longer waste precious minutes using tape and paper to cover classroom door windows.

Tempshield™ is made of a powerful magnetic rubberized material that instantly attaches to metal doors and covers classroom door windows while providing an immediate black-out effect for each classroom. more

Keeping Our Kids Safe

Parents and Lockdowns


Over the last few years our society’s landscape has changed dramatically. Unfortunately our schools are impacted negatively by this change. Nearly every week we are told of another emergency school lockdown somewhere in one of our nation’s 130,000 schools. During a lockdown every second counts!

Making Every Second Count

School Lockdown Security Tool


With Tempshield™ teachers no longer need to struggle by wasting valuable minutes using tape and paper to cover classroom door windows during school lockdowns. Tempshield™ instantly deploys by magnetically griping to classroom door window frames. This gives teachers more time to perform other lifesaving steps.

Emergency Preparedness

School Lockdown Security Tool

Emergency Responders

Tempshield™ is critical to life saving because it provides a much quicker means of covering and blacking-out classroom door windows during school lockdowns. Every school in the country should be using Tempshield™ as part of their emergency preparedness preparation; training and planning.