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TempShield™ for Schools is an isotropic flexible magnetic rubber window cover and security zone sign designed to temporarily cover classroom door windows during an emergency situation or lockdown announcement.

Grips Magnetically

When deployed, TempShield™ firmly grips to metal doors and wood window frames, giving teachers and students more time to perform other lifesaving measures.  When your your doors are made of wood a simple piece of Velcro will allow you to mount TempShield™ on wood.

Every second counts during a school lock down.

Blocks View Into Classroom

Due to the design and material, once in place, TempShield™ for Schools obscures the view into the classroom and can achieve the effect that the room is dark or unoccupied.


Storage & Deployment

TempShield™ for Schools can easily be stored lying flat in the teacher’s desk drawer. This patent pending security device comes in various sizes and is currently being used during emergencies in our country’s prisons.

Available Sizes

TempShield is currently available in the following sizes: 8″x24″, 8″x34″, and 12″x40″.  Custom sizes can be ordered upon request.