Frequently Asked Questions

  1. FAQWhat is a lockdown? A lockdown is in effect a “reverse evacuation” where students and staff are removed from harm’s way by having them safely located inside secure classrooms or other areas inside the school to reduce the risk of being exposed to the source of potential harm.
  2. What is a Shelter in Place? Shelter-in-place is where students and staff are secured inside a classroom or other areas inside the school reducing the risk for exposure to inclement weather or other potential harm such as a gas release.
  3. What is Tempshield™? TempShield™ is a flexible magnetic rubber window cover designed to temporarily cover classroom door windows once lockdown alert notifications occur.
  4. Where is the best place to store Tempshield™? Tempshield™ can best be stored in the teacher’s desk drawer. Not only will this prevent students from tampering with it, this will make the product immediately available during lockdowns.
  5. How is Tempshield™ used? Teachers line the magnetic side of the Tempshield™ up with the window and allow it to magnetically grip to the window frame. Once attached it may need slight adjustment to completely black-out the window.
  6. Does one size fit all? Tempshield™ comes in multiple sizes, however it can easily be trimmed down to precise measurements using scissors.