First Responders To Lockdowns

First Responders - School Lockdowns in the USMAKING SENSE DURING A CRISIS

During a lockdown every second counts!  Tempshield™ makes sense because it provides a much quicker means of covering and blacking-out classroom windows during school lockdowns. Every school in the country should be using Tempshield™ as part of their lockdown procedures.


According to, from 2009 to 2010 there were 7 shooting deaths, 3 stabbing deaths, 1 fighting death, 33 non-death shooting incidents, and 88 high risk violent crisis situations at our schools.


One common mistake is to delay calling 911 to activate emergency responders (i.e., police or fire departments) and to notify the district office. In the midst of a crisis, people often believe that the situation can be handled in-house. It is better to have emergency responders on the scene as soon as possible, even if the incident has been resolved by the time they arrive, than to delay calling and risk further injury and damage. For instance, it is better to have emergency responders arrive at a school to find a fire put out than too arrive too late to prevent loss of life or serious property damage.